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Question: I don't see a package that I am looking for?

Answer:  Do not worry, we will work with you and help put a uniform package together the fits your needs and your budget.

Question: Can you get other brands and styles.

Answer: Yes we can.  We have a wide range of distributors that we work with that can get you into a product that you like.

Question: Can i submit my own artwork.

Answer: Yes, as long as your artwork is in high resolution or in vector format.  This gives our graphics department a easier way to work with your design.

Question: I have approved the quote, what is my next step.

Answer:  Once we receive confirmation of approved quote we will send you an invoice.  50% deposit is required to get the order into production.  The remaining balance will be due upon pick up.  Payment information will be attached to the invoice.

Question: What is Semi Dye?

Answer: Sometimes know as spot dye.  This is where the logo, names and numbers are sublimated onto a polyester material.

Question: My logo has a lot of white in it, can my shirts be blue for semi dye?

Answer:  With all ink printers including sublimation printers white ink does not exist.  Therefore the white in your logo will not print.  

Question: What colors can be used for Semi Dye

Answer: To get a full color logo light colors work the best.  The darker the color of fabric the less dynamic the color will be.  Printing black is a great option for darker colors.

Question: What are the benefits of doing Semi Dye?

Answer:  You can get full color logo without that will stand up against all conditions.  The logo will not fade or crack.  Add on shirts can be done to meet very tight timelines.

Any questions not answered contact us directly we are here to help